should I set a plate for you?

I’ve tried the whole blogging thing several times in the last three years and it’s never really stuck. I write avidly for a month or so and then I’ll stop all together. It happens. So why another blog? Good question. My past blogs didn’t work because I didn’t have a focus – I was just writing about random crap and it got boring really fast. So this time, I have a focus. I love to cook and bake and every time I post a picture of something I make, people are always requesting the recipe. I figured it’d be easier to share my recipes all in one place, so I bring to you my new blog – PERPETUAL APPETITE (great name, if I do say so myself…) – a blog that will feature recipes, ingredients, wine, and restaurant reviews – a blog totally dedicated to all things related to food. I like it. I hope you’ll enjoy this journey and culinary experience with me.

With the holidays coming, I’m sure my blog will be buzzing with updates as I add recipes to it – examples of a few of my  Thanksgiving favorites – pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, caramel pecan pie, double-layer pumpkin pie, Granny M’s potatoes, baby reds mashed potatoes – I better stop, I’m getting hungry here. Sit back, enjoy, and I dare you to use my recipes. Trust me, they’re simple and absolutely full of flavor. Even if you’re inexperienced, I guarantee that you’ll knock the socks off of those around you when you use my recipes.

I leave you this advice – always see,  touch, hear, smell, and taste your food. Use all your senses when it comes to appreciating food while eating or preparing it.

SIGHT: The appearance of food always makes my mouth water

TOUCH: When I cook, sometimes some of the ingredients have smooth, bumpy, soft, and hard textures – it’s amazing what cooking or baking will do to an ingredient

HEARING: Some food items have a sound and you can experience it by listening to the snap of pea as you bite into it or hear the crackling of rice krispies as it’s drowning in milk

SMELL: coffee, citrus, vanilla, pizza, pasta, chocolate chip cookies, a beautiful bold Cabernet, a fruit-forward Pinot Noir – yes, I just described some of my favorite food scents

TASTE: Nothing beats the ability to taste and savor something delicious

Let’s start this food journey…